SMITH PARK, Addison    
hornbeam, sometimes called ironwood (Carpinus caroliniana) over the Bean in fall    
Smith Park
is a grassy peninsula at the base of the Mill Pond dam, where the two outflows converge. The date on the park sign shows 1834, which must make it one of the earliest public parks in the watershed.


A natural features inventory in winter, 2003, noted numerous native American Cranberry (Viburnum trilobum) shrubs along the banks of the Bean, with red fruit still in clusters.   

Other native species in the park include:

Sugar Maple - Acer saccharum
Silky Dogwood - Cornus amomum ssp. obliqua
Red Osier Dogwood - (red-twig dogwood) - Cornus stolonifera
Black Walnut - Jugluns nigra
Eastern Cottonwood - Populus deltoides
Oak - Quercus species
American Elm - Ulmus americana
Bitternut Hickory -Carya cordiformis
Greenbriar, without thorns- Smilax lasioneura
Green ash - Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Cherry, Prunus sp
Sycamore - Platanus occidentalis
Hornbeam - Carpinus caroliniana
Serviceberry - Amelanchier sp.
             wild cranberry (Viburnum trilobum)