MEDINA COUNTY PARK, Warwick Road, Medina Township


Medina Park is located on Warwick Road, just south of the town of Medina. The park includes picnic areas and a ball field, but is largely undeveloped. The main attraction in the park for the last 40 years has been an enormous hollow sycamore tree, pictured above, with an interior room children, if they're small enough, can crawl into from an entrance hole at the base of the tree.  The interior walls are smoothed from wear, a beautiful natural cave.

cave-like interior of the old Medina Park sycamore

The Bean makes a wide U-turn through the park, and another attraction in years past was a swimming hole just before the first turn.  The streambanks have many native species of trees and shrubs, including hackberry, Ohio buckeye, willow, and the hoptree with penny-shaped seed clusters. 

hoptree shrub