"Float the Bean" – September 13, 2009

Dozens float down Bean Creek through Hudson
The first group of floaters launched near the Jackson St bridge around 3:00, with others following and joining in along the way to Memorial Park. It wasn’t a race, but the first to haul out at Memorial Park was Arin Stiverson, and second was Alana Stiverson. Floaters making the trip, shooting the rapids under the Main St bridge, dodging rocks and overhanging branches, included – from a list at the site – Scott & Madalynn, Zeke, Andrew, Sean, Joe, Skylar, Aislin, Olivia, Christian, Qunicy, Victor, Mariah, Griffin, Janet, Jenna, Cara, Kalie, Julia, Megan, Joy, Tyler, Celia, Rob & Heather. At Memorial Park, Kathy and Dave, Christie and Chester, and Carlee helped out on shore.

Bean Creek looked beautiful, a healthy stream, with huge cottonwood trees overhanging the water, native wild cranberry along the banks, good shade and plenty of woody debris for fish, fine gravel runs and deep pools.

At the launch site, Jackson St bridge
– looking good! ready to go!

float 1 float 2

float 3 float 4

float 5

Floating the Bean!....

float 6 floating1


floating4 floating5

floating6 floating7

floating3 floating2 floatingj8 floating10

Thanks to everybody for the Great Bean Float !